See Why Everyone Is Raving About This Cooling Facial Tool!

Sooth Ice Roller

Every beauty buff knows the age-old trick for instant glowing skin hiding right in your freezer: Ice cubes!

For years, celebrities have credited ice as an easy way to help soothe inflammation, reduce puffiness, minimize pores and increase blood circulation. Plenty of makeup artists and skincare experts to the stars use ice cubes as a treatment for instant glowing skin.

An old Hollywood trick, Marilyn Monroe and Joan Crawford famously used ice in their daily beauty regimens. Stars still swear by ice cubes for clear and radiant skin, including actress Tia Mowry who shared learned this trick from her makeup artist to help tighten up her face. Victoria’s Secret Angel and supermodel Josephine Skriver  also said she rubs ice cubes over her face in the morning to de-puff.

While this technique has clearly stood the test of time, it can be annoying to have a melting ice cube making puddles all over our vanities. Plus, unless we have refrigerators that constantly supply ice, who ever remembers to regularly fill up ice cube trays?

We found another way to incorporate ice into our beauty regimens in a much easier and mess-free way. Plus, it’s beyond affordable, beloved by countless shoppers and is a major multi-tasker. When we find one of those miracle products that do everything, we can’t keep the secret to ourselves.

Sooth Ice Roller on bathroom vanity

The Sooth Ice Roller can be used for the face and eye area, but also can help relieve migraines and pain associated with minor injuries. Basically, you can use this skin care tool on almost every part of the body.

Store the water-filled ice roller head portion in your freezer and attach to the handle when ready to use for a cooling and calming effect on the skin. With an easy-to-use handle and roller attachment, just glide over a trouble area for instant relief.

There are plenty of uses for the Sooth Ice Roller, which can help prevent wrinkles, improve dry skin, relieve fatigue, reduce puffiness and shrink pores. Celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin recently revealed she purchased an ice roller after seeing it recommended on blogger's Instagram so you know it is A-list approved! 

This product can also calm down irritated skin and soothe areas with sunburns when we’ve had too much exposure to the sun. Additionally, it can be used for sore muscles after a hard workout or minor injuries. The ice roller can also soothe those with frequent headaches or chronic migraines and can help combat some of the pain.

It’s easy to use, too: Just roll over the skin on any troubled areas. For the face, simply glide on clean, dry skin before putting on makeup for an instant glowing effect. This can also be used a massager while wearing a treatment mask, too!

The Sooth Ice Roller can be used over and over again and starts at just $19.95!

Most are pleased with how mess-free it is during their beauty routines to help reduce facial puffiness. Several praised how using it in the morning really helped them look much less tired. Lots of reviewers called this a life-changing product and claimed to see instant results in shrinking their pores, helping to tighten skin, reducing redness and under eye bags and adding more radiance to their skin. One beauty blogger even claimed using this daily before her usual routine helped her makeup look smoother and last longer.

Several reviewers said it stays cold for much longer than they thought, too, but wasn’t unbearable like ice cubes can be directly on the skin. Most noted how easy it was to clean, too.

Even one professional admitted to using it on clients after extractions, peels and waxing to aid in reducing inflammation and swelling.

Others said this ice roller was just what they needed to help reduce pain. One reviewer said the ice roller was amazing for sinus pain and felt instant relief and helped breathing become easier. Many called this product a miracle for helping to relieve pain caused by headaches, migraines and even symptoms associated with TMJ. Swelling was another common problem many used this product to treat, with one reviewer saying it was way better to use than a bag of peas on a partially torn meniscus.

Some reviewers even said this ice roller was a way better alternative to facial needle rollers, which often irritate and could hurt the skin. They added that not only is this much safer, but actually helped them relax, too.

Almost all could not believe this product was so affordable for all it does. Starting at $19.95, the relaxation alone is worth it.


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